Q: How do I use the files?
A: Download the files to your device and open them. OSMAnd will load the files. You can delete the copy in the downloads folder after loading.

Q: How do I search for addresses?
A: Use the abbreviated address form i.e. 612 nw 56th st seattle

Q: Why do I see duplicate addresses?
A: The data from OpenAddresses(OA) and OpenStreetMap(OSM) are slightly different. Data from OpenAddresses will be abbreviated i.e. 612 nw 56th st seattle while data from OSM will be expanded i.e. 612 northwest 56th street seattle. Since they aren't exact matches deduplicating them takes a good deal of work that hasn't happened yet.

Q: Why does OSMAnd keep asking if I want to download an area I got from OpenSuperMaps?
A: The super mapfiles have different names from the default files. You can turn off the notification by going to hamburger menu > Settings > OsmAnd settings > Dialogs and notifications > Download map dialog and setting to off.

Q: Where does the data come from?
A: OpenStreetMap via GeoFabrik and OpenAddresses

Q: What license are the files available under?
A: ODBL 1.0

Q: Where can I find more info?
A: Github Repo